The Paris Marathon is over, and took part in it this year. The marathon in Paris is always held in spring, but this time we participated in it together with the Naked Heart Foundation of Natalia Vodianova. Charity marathons become a good tradition. People run and raise money for children. This year we run to help childrens with disabilities and special needs. The colossal experience of sports events aimed at charity was also gained.

More than 35 thousand runners passed the distance of 21 km. Among them charity teams of the “Naked Hearts” and “Key to the Nursery” foundations took part. The Naked Hearts Foundation is engaged in the construction of playgrounds for children with special needs. They also took part in the development of special programs for families in which autistic children are brought up. Moreover, educators, doctors and parents are also have opportunity to study for free. Natalia Vodyanova herself took part in the race. She managed to try the initial distance, having a pregnancy at the 5th month. Ayna Gershman – cofounder of our foundation – accompanied her. When our charity was created, we looked for like-minded people. The Naked Heart Foundation turned out to be such a foundation. It is also engaged in children’s beautification. The Foundation builds playgrounds where they are not funded: in remote cities and in children’s institutions. The missions of the two agreement funds intersect each other:

In the game, they live and develop, fantasize and forget about disease and loneliness.” – says Natalia Vodianova.

This year, the team takes part in Paris Marathon to collect money for children and adolescents with developmental disabilities: diagnoses such as autism, Down syndrome, and mental retardation. Next year, the integration of sensory rooms for educational institutions will be organized. We invite you to take part!

Thanks to everyone who helped, raised money and had run with us!

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